Climate Cosmic - Landscape In Us / Climate cosmic - Maisema Meissä                                                                                                                                                             video installation, 2011-2014, A and D Projects: Anitta Toivio and Dotti Cichon

From earliest man, climate has always played a great roll in defining where people settle and move. Climate and climate change such as global warming will continue to be the important factor today as it not only affects man physically, but affects the social climate and political climate as well, infencing where people live and where they move.                                                                                                                                                               

The huge changes in social and political climates over time of the effects of slavery, injustices, and the importance of human rights today – wars that are still being fought – religious wars, ethnic wars, the fears of peoples and ideas that are different than our own are still major issues.                                                                                         

As the oceans covered all of Earth at one time, the same waters that are now the Pacific Ocean today in California once covered Finland. Our work as collaborating artists from Finland and from California, USA, reflect this climate cosmic and the deep internal connection between peoples. Our video installation juxtaposing the Finnish forest, Pacific Ocean and shadows of visitors become an integral part of the collective memory or the landscape in us.